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The Cetus Technology

At the centre of the Cetus technology is the Cetus Blade. The technology is the only turbine able to convert chaotic energy input to uniform torque output allowing the turbine to continue rotating in the same direction irrespective of the direction of flow. 

It is a fully patented blade, coupled with a unique flexible operating dynamic, which allows it to capture energy flows from any direction, at any speed.

The result of over a decade of innovative R&D, the Cetus Blade has evolved as a supremely simple, low-cost solution to energy extraction from water flows. One of the most innovative features of the Cetus blade is that its unique ability to function in omni-directional flows results from the inherent flexing or stiffness characteristics of each part or zone of the blade. 

Wherever there is fast-flowing water, there is clean energy to be harvested. However, the very nature of the environment in which these fast flows occur invariably means that energy flows come hand-in hand with turbulence. This turbulence, or chaotic flow, provides the biggest challenges to existing technology


Most conventional turbines that have been installed, or are planned for installation (whether cross-flow or co-axial) are limited by their design. In effect they are able to extract energy only from that proportion of the flow that matches their ‘plane of operation’. In turbulent flows, this means that much of the energy available within the flow is lost, or even acts in opposition to the turbine. When flow characteristics fall outside of the operating parameters, most turbines will need to be shut down or removed from the environment. In a marine environment this poses a significant problem and cost.

The inherent flexibility of the Cetus Blade and its ability to overcome the issues associated with turbulent flow provide the technology with significant benefits when compared to these traditional technologies. This ability to deal with flow in any direction provides for future deployment of this technology in wide range of environments.

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Cetus Energy Pty Ltd is based in Victoria, Australia, where it has for over ten years been developing the Cetus technology

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